About Jill


I’m Jill Rogers and my brand is Jill Jorrges. I am the seller of scarves.

I’m located in Brisbane – Queensland – Australia where it is said that its “Beautiful one day and perfect the next”.  If you have any questions about my web page jilljorrges.com you can contact me via messenger (see the link on my web page) or email me at jilljorrges@gmail.com.

You can also contact me via my social media pages:

Instagram: jilljorrges , Facebook: jilljorrgesdotcom , Twitter: jilljorrges

Finally the cats out of the bag. I’m in the process of transitioning and producing another business which will be Jill Jorrges – Wellness & Beauty. This idea came from looking at myself in the mirror and admitting that I can do a little bit more each day to live each day better than before and how I can offer that service to you to. I’m so looking forward to meeting you all either in person to person or via social media.

Please…reach out, that what its all about.

add another page.


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