Patience & Solitude

I did a Podcast today about just these things, patience and solitude. I’ve been wrapped up in cotton wool patience. Carefully researching anything that is either interesting or do-able. Something that’s interesting but not beyond the realm of capability.

I tried a couple of things. I thought seeing as I’m a lover of the arts I must be able to deliver something. I tried pottery, water marbling, clarinet, podcast interviews, vlogging topics that I dearly wanted to find passion in but to no avail. It seemed futile.

I then tried looking at business options for example dried flowers, soap, bath bombs, jewellery and so many other things that I just can’t recall. I was feeling disenfranchised and the loneliness of it all was weighing me down

I had read that you will find that you can do many business and they may all fail. The know it all self promoting arse holes who make you believe in yourself and tell you that you can do anything with hard work and tenacity. What the hell did they know.

Well I found out that some of them were right. Some of them were constantly wanting their ego’s petted going on and on about themselves but some of them were honest. I met a lady online who helped me redefine some meaning for myself. She instructed me in ways that helped me garner through some of the less than helpful advice that is all over social media. She helped me disengage with the thoughts of hopelessness and insecurities in my head. I’ve never physically met her though. I hope to one day. I hope to shake her hand and tell her that she turned my life around by offering me information of how to. She’s what we refer to in Australia as a “Bloody Champion.”








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