Patience & Solitude

I did a Podcast today about just these things, patience and solitude. I’ve been wrapped up in cotton wool patience. Carefully researching anything that is either interesting or do-able. Something that’s interesting but not beyond the realm of capability. I tried a couple of things. I thought seeing as I’m a lover of the arts… Continue reading Patience & Solitude


A Great Day to Ask.

Its been too long though hasn't it. I wanted to write a couple of times per week on here and I wanted to stick to a plan. Speaking of Plans,  I've so much in store, it's going to be a good year I can feel it. Got to get my planning on. It's a tad exciting… Continue reading A Great Day to Ask.

Its Time

So you know when sometimes you rack your brains over something you've seen in the past and you can't quite remember where you saw it? Tonight, I was lucky enough to. I gathered some information that if used in a consistent manner, will enable me to increase my sales by up to 250%. Yes you… Continue reading Its Time