Social Media Consulting

Now I know many of you may not really be concerned why I want to do this but, in a nutshell, if you take all of my jobs and and them up and use an algorithm you will find that all I wanted to do was help people. I don’t mean help with them when they’re hurt or when they need a favour but in a way that is more of a long lasting impression.  After your have had interaction with me you will realise that I’m in it for you. Sure I want to be paid because I have to live, I’ve got kids and a grandkid now. What I mean is I don’t want to sell you something that isn’t in your best interest but something that is. What is that I hear you say? It’s having a presence on social media and it’s going to help you and I’m here to make that possible for you.

So rather that re-hashing over and over again about my life story you can swiftly have a read down below in previous blogs. There’s not a lot. Sometimes I’m marketing, sometimes I have a political rant, and sometimes I tell you about me.

If you haven’t got the full picture look me up on the free Podcasting App &  just sign up and search Jill Jorrges and the first version episodes are about me, or search on iTunes for Jill Jorrges . My life, my kids, my husband, my mum and dad, my wins and my failures. You will see me but only in voice. Sometimes I’ll put myself out there on Social Media mainly Instagram because I feel like I don’t really know you. Well that’s the idea really isn’t it? To get to know people in your social media circle not just your inner circle.

That’s what I do, I create a Social Circle for you. I have created 500 followers on Instagram since late February with ways and means of connecting. I created my business facebook page of which I only used for a presence but with tools available to me I can create more. I can increase your presence on your social media with tools available and to manage and also if your interested how you can connect to my twitter page. I have mostly been active on Twitter since Early 2010. I saw the implications of it’s networking ability and although did not think that I needed like that at the time I helped others connect on it. It is my biggest tool by far if you know how to use it. I can help you there if that is what you want. Also, I would suggest a blog something like WordPress, like I’ve got. The choice is yours. Now the other relevant spaces like Pinterest, LinkedIn or YouTube are also something to think about but it really depends on what you as an individual or business are seeking. So if you are interested I can help you build your page. If you want a website I can refer you to someone who can serve you either face-to-face or online, the choice is yours.

If you want my services I can email you a quote and along with it will be a contract. I can also offer a package on a monthly basis. Let me apologise but, I only serve those who I can understand and what I mean by that is that you must be able to speak English. I cannot help you if i cannot understand your language, that does not mean that in the future I will not be providing that service, its just right now we don’t have those capabilities.  Everything is above board and serves us both for a better and stronger outcome.  My services are reasonable and there are limited spaces. So if you or someone you know is interested, give them my name – Jill – and go to my my Instagram page “JillJorrges” and look at my Webpage on there. It’ll give you the big picture.



MELBOURNE! I’m coming.

So…We or should I say I, am off to the big smoke this weekend. Now normally if one lived in Brisbane you would think that this is the Big Smoke. The population is well over a million and it is the Capital City of the State of Queensland. But no…

I am not off to Sydney either where the population is over 4 million (i think) and it is definitely what one would class as the Big Smoke. But alas no that is not where I am off to.

I am of to MELBOURNE this weekend. Its a bit sad in a way. I have just had a death in the family and the wake is this Friday which is in Central Coast QLD however, I also have this trip booked for over 6 months planning. I was reticent to ask if it were not rude of me to attend the weekend away rather than attend a wake but I’ve been given the green light. The go ahead. So up, up and away with ( ? ) I can’t remember who i’m flying with. Better check in and get those deets.

Anyway, going to have an awesome time and lots and photos, food, memories, shopping, drinking and thou. See you there!

20 days till… Mothers Day

So it’s that time of year again. Mothers day. Now I have my mum but I am also a mum so what is it that we look to tell our mum she is special.

Are you taking your mum out to breakfast, lunch or dinner. Are you surprising her with a lovely gift of flowers

Well if you aren’t already aware, I have a Jewellery Galleria that although is relatively new it had some great gift ideas. Have a good look. Items will update as they are sold so if you are not quick you may miss out. Remember, the gift is one we treasure. We love anything or should I say I love anything really but a gift of jewellery galleria gift is something that might be more affordable. It’s just to say that I love you and appreciate you for who you are. Am I selling it, sure but do I mean what I’m saying the answer is yes.

You can’t expect me to know appreciate a gift of jewellery from any of my children that would be insane. Would I say to them “No that’s just too much” or “Oh you shouldn’t have.” No…as mums we appreciate anything even the man things they use outside of the house or in the garage. But the jewellery, the necklace, the bracelet, the ring, the gold or sterling silver it doesn’t matter. It’s all relevant. Even a brick if you mum wants to have a home-built or smaller still a BBQ (OMG that remind me of a really funny joke I know – remind me to tell it on my Anchor Podcast Jill Jorrges.

  1. Anyway, treat your mum with love and kindness and maybe a little something from the Jewellery Galleria 💎 💍 ⛓

Love Engagement and Marriage

Well like I said, I would from time to time be coming up with a new season as part of purchases and online offers and what did I come up with. I have come up with a new website and my first step is to tell you you can look at it via this web address. There are so many jewellery items which is great because Mothers Day is here soon. Check it out here:



What does this mean to my other store. Well My Galleria has provided me with an opportunity to sell items through ebay or other affiliate’s who have access to provide to you. This is not an easy task and this is not an easy sell. Maybe when you go on there you might say to yourself “Jill is over her head.” or “Jill is green with inexperience?”

Well time will tell and as I have always said i’m not one to say no to a business opportunity so, Jewellery or spelt jewelry or even spelt jewelery or however you want to spell it will provide what many would say is an essential purchase at least once in their life. The gift of love. Have a look at these rings?

The last few days

Well, if you follow my journey, what you might have noticed is that I happened upon a shift. An existential happenstance to be more concise. A fact finding mission that is ever evolving every single day and sometimes I was very low. I could not understand after debating mine own thought how I could go on. But then I would have these peeps of understanding and forgiveness of my own attitudes and values and pondered the thought that what if? I know it doesn’t sound very illumination does it. You’re thinking that this girl/woman is random and can’t get her own thoughts into perspective. Well, you’re right.


It all started on my Birthday Weekend Celebration. So I decided that I am allowed to have this because I’m a year before 50 and that by the way is petrifying me to no end. I just cannot believe that next year I am going to be 50. FUCK! I attended a party of my GF’s you see we both were celebrating birthday weekend celebrations but either unlucky or lucky for me, at the party was an old friend who I had not seen in 15 years. Now to those who listen to my podcast you will know the anguish of which I dealt over the next few days after having what we call a D&M (deep and meaningful) conversation. My Friend who we can call “Dave” who I cannot name decided to tell me that he had been arrested for doing ICE. Now to put this in context, myself and my other half and Dave were harmlessly talking politics as we do as isn’t that what you do at the beginning of parties and/or get togethers? Anyways, one discussion led to another discussion and then we got onto legalising Marijuana and/or medicinal marijuana and I was discussing the article I read online re the girl guides and how they were reprimanded for having a stall parked outside of a marijuana business somewhere in the USA. Apparently as it goes, they decided that the girl guides were entrepreneurial and let them have another stall again because they were being so successful with the money they had raised selling cookies. Who knew huh? Anyway a discussion ensued after that and then my other half, who told me later, sensed Dave had more that he would like to discuss so he left for a while so our discussion could be a bit more intimate.


I noticed when I initially asked Dave about his work that he was reticent of giving some detail so I went back there, without the other half being there, and then tells me that he’s unemployed and his other half left him and took the house and left him with nothing. Now back 15 years ago, of which is a lifetime ago Dave was larger than life. Had a great job, a beautiful home and was on the upward track of success. Now, Dave has just come out of Jail after serving time for Ice related details. I was shocked. Literally, my mouth was open you know in that big ‘O” shape. I had to push it shut physically as my mouth couldn’t close by itself. I was baffled as to how, why, why. Needless to say, my naive self, my idealistic self took a fucking huge sucker punch that day. I was selfish. I did not allow myself to compartmentalise that discussion for later and continue to enjoy the Weekend Birthday Celebrations. I let the weight of it consume me for the next few days.


It was only after watching a YouTube video of none other than Gary Vaynerchuck where he did his keynote in Brisbane in 2017. It was a fucking long Vlog, over an hour but as I listened hoping that I could gleam something real that I could relate to there it was. A chap stands up in the Q&A and he talks to Gary and asks him how can I…? I was listening intently of this chaps question, his circumstance of being in an accident and killing someone and paying the price for not only taking a life, but serving time in prison for just the most stupidest of mistakes. Taking drugs, drinking and then ultimately killing someone. FUCK! Gary was intently listening and the chap was indeed expressing remorse. How do you get back up again? Well to you who are reading this you can look up that episode but I relate it to Dave who himself made the most stupidest of mistakes. But, he has a chance now to redeem himself. He will never be able to be employed in a variety of institutions and corporations but that’s not my point. My point is that Dave can be a huge influencer on the rights and wrongs and the mistake process and the live again process. Its funny, but it took me days to work this out. When shit that is close to me, like that touches me I don’t compartmentalise it, it consumes me. (one of my deep flaws). Always trying to help.


That brings me to my other train of thought over the past few days. I came across Gabriel Cardoza on Twitter. She has a blog of which I read an article about influencers. It got me to thinking. Back in 2010 when I decided to join twitter I was not heavily into the Australian Political scene but I was interested in what goes on around the world. So I used my tenacious research skills and grew my feed with individuals and businesses who where interested in what I was interested in. From media, technology, people, business, economy, arts and so on. Now I have a feed full of people who may not necessarily believe in what I believe in but they understand me because I have been me since the inception. Now I have grown over twitter. To the ultra altruistic religious naive girl of once upon a time to the almost 50 year old wiser thinker (not always sayer) with an ecommerce site who likes to speak kindly of others trying to achieve for their own reasons. I’m an online networker. I may not like you, but at the end of the day do you need me to like you? Probably, maybe?  I may not think you have any morals but you do not need me to understand why you don’t have any morals. I may not necessarily want to have anything to do with you but does that matter in the whole scheme of things? Probably that last one because if you cannot be real, if you cannot be true to yourself then there’s’ nothing I can do for you. Btw, I mentioned morals because there’s fine line. There’s also a difference between morals and ethics just to be clear.


I mentioned I have this habit and I’ve had it since I can remember, I was probably in the single digits. I want to help people because I was ignoring the negative faults in myself. Albeit whether I want to be an actress, a singer, an artist or a successful businesswoman, I want to help others. I have a very, very fucked up family and that includes myself but I am not in denial about that. I have no relationship with my sister, my brother is homeless and paranoid schizophrenic and my mom is daily demanding and my dad rest his soul is now departed. Thank the lord for having a blended family, which gives me 8 beautiful children. It fills my soul of emptiness that I sometimes feel. Thanks to my close-knit circle of beautiful friends of whom I may not reach out to all the time but when I do, they are there for a good hour of conversation of catch up.


You know having had a business fail one thing is for sure. Friends understand you need time to grieve the failure and closure of a business. But as you rise from the pit of despair and your friends see you coming out of the darkness back into the light, they reach out. They are truly a great bunch of people. Now, if only I could start saying that about myself. Then the world will be my oyster.

Frankly, what an interesting and informative day.

Now maybe you don’t find this so interesting what I do on my Podcast but I’ve gotta tell you. It intrigues me so. On my Episode V2EP19 I discussed a couple of Instagram accounts that purported to act like personal accounts but in my opinion were totally business accounts. You know the one’s that have all of the lovely travel all over the globe with the family Insta accounts? Yeah you know the one’s. I know I sit and scroll through them with a whole bunch of envy but that’s my thing. That’s a lot of us I would say.

Aaanyway… I just wanted to follow up one of the accounts with the lesser followers because they seemed to have some very interesting information on their website. You see I have always had this fascination with AI in that if it and Robotics and VR and all things I.O.T are going to take over the world then how is it that we are going to survive if our jobs are being made redundant?

On another flip of the coin and something probably only relevant to us Aussies we have been inundated for the past week on the announcement that Bill Shorten decided to announce his policy to abolish Tax Imputation Credit. Now if you have no idea what he’s talking about well you more than likely going to believe what your read in the funny papers or god forbid, mainstream media. Well, that’s was the other thing keeping me busy. I’m not a wholly university educated woman but I have to say, did you question what Bill was saying on behalf of the Labor Party? Did you ask yourself…”How does that policy affect us, all us Aussies?”

Getting back to the future of technology. I was looking at the Twitter site of the ‘Instagram Family’ that travelled all over and noticed she was spruiking “Buy Designer Clothes for FREE”. Initially I thought Shit, this has gotta be bullshit. How the fuck can I buy designer clothes for free? So I had a closer look. I registered myself and had a look and chose just for shits and giggles, “BodyShop”. There’s a whole bunch of them around Australia and in particular my closest shopping centre good ole’ Chermside. So…I registered and was able to purchase most things at 40% off with free shipping and you earn cash rewards for each dollar spent, BINGO!

But, when I went to fully register my details it wouldn’t accept Australia (sad face). What i’m trying to say is that one day we will. When business catches up and decides they don’t want to go out of business they can do this. We just need an App that applies to Aussie Land. Do we have it? Is it out there? Or is it only for affiliate marketing? IDK. I’m just asking the questions. I’m not a journalist or a reporter. I’m not even a commentator. What I am is a content creator. By the way there’s so much more. Its the reason I was so late recording my Podcast today. The future is crazy man that’s all i’m saying. Everyday I discover something new with the Podcast and it a bloody eye opener is all i’m saying.

I didn’t want to forget about Bill before I leave. “Bill? Stop what you are doing. Why is it in a time when people are earning more money you want them to have less? Not the pensioners but the high income earners. Don’t peeps over 150k deserve the opportunity to ask their accountants to set up companies for them t/a super funds as t/f beneficiaries to earn themselves a better life in their retirement?”

I thought so but that’s because I have a better idea how franking works thanks to you for bringing it up. So when I remember that list that came out for the top companies who didn’t pay any tax I ask myself “Did they have shit accountants? Or do they just have a whole bunch of other shit they have to pay tax on?”

Again IDK, but looking ahead to what I see and the enormous opportunity and potential with the age of the internet I’d say that the govt wants a bit more of the pie. The difference with Bill and/or the Labor Party is that they fund social projects. So although they would look after the golden oldies in the future with Pensions and Health Care i’m not too worried about them. But I’m a darn sight worried if the Liberal Party gets in and the Imputation Credit is gone and the future cost of housing and living in general may make is so much harder.


I got an interview!

So I wake up this morn to the plethora of notifications on my phone and before I open it up I scroll through looking at direct questions from social media peeps, news updates (S.A. results 🤮) and so much to go through and a couple of emails.

Now it would be rude of me not to respond to the Q’s so that’s my first priority but then rather at looking at the News because, idk, it’s Sunday and it’s already started on a right foot, I go to my emails. One is from an agent who requested to be at a morning presser of which we missed as I didn’t get that email. The other is an interview. So let me clarify…

After having a cafe that hit rock bottom or was that me? Anyway, after hitting the epitome of down especially having a cafe that didn’t work out, I have slowly been crawling back to life. I have not been looking for employment but have been doing my thing, day to day. At first it was like I didn’t really have any purpose or for that matter any goals in life because I looked at myself as redundant. Late forties going on retirement home in the not too distant future. You see when you spend close to a quarter of a million dollars to open a business and then keep it afloat you feel pretty much like a piece of shit for the lack of a better expression. Suffice to say, my husband and partner in crime did not feel too good about himself either. He is a brilliant man and did not deserve to feel that way so I took it all on board, pumped him up so to speak and to the best of my ability so we didn’t sink to the bottom on the abyss. There’s more say about this but alas I am digressing from my original thought.

So I opened up my new email and it says I have been invited to attend a group interview. Yay 🎉 I love group interviews. I do my best work in them because I love to work not only individually but as a group and when I hear it’s a group interview, it sets the scene for the type of employment. It’s not a glamorous job nor a well paid job and I haven’t got the job in the bag, but it’s an interview and it means that there is an organisations out there reading my CV and understanding what I can bring to their organisation. Which in these is as previously mentioned, a plethora of opportunity.